Protecting you and your finances

Protection is fundamental; it may not be the most exciting of subjects, but it answers one of our most basic desires – to keep safe all that we hold dear.

It is important to make sure you choose the right protection for you, your family or your business according to your needs. Having an adequate cover ensures that you remain prepared in face of life’s uncertainties and keep disruption to a minimum.

But, how can you decide what kinds of insurance should be a priority for you?

The following list may help you put your protection needs in perspective:

  • Risk of Death: It is never easy to think about what would happen if you, or your partner, were to die early. But thinking about how your partner and/or your dependents would cope financially and pay the bills without your regular income brings life sharply into focus.
  • Risk of suffering a serious illness: As well as dealing with the emotional upheaval of a serious illness, how would you cope financially if you/your partner fell seriously ill? Even if returning to work is an option after treatment and rest, you'll need financial support to help you get back on your feet and adapt to life ahead without the financial worry.
  • Risk of high hospitalisation or outpatient expenses: You or your family may not want to rely on state-run hospitals and might instead require private medical care to gain access to increased medical resources, reduced waiting times and a wider range of specialist treatments, as well as a private room. In this case, high private medical care expenses may prevent you from achieving your financial goals and objectives.

We offer bespoke protection advice and will make a tailored recommendation for you after considering your specific circumstances and needs to ensure the solution is the most appropriate from those available.

With access to many leading protection providers and plans, we make it our priority to find the right solution for all your protection needs.

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